On Illegal Immigration

The forces arguing for so-called immigration reform can be placed into two powerful groups that have essentially controlled the federal government for decades.  One group is made up of left-leaning political activists whose goal is to expand the welfare state as fast as possible and at the same time create an overwhelming voter constituency for the Democratic Party.  The other side is made up of crony capitalists who have access to the establishment Republican apparatus and who want cheap labor.

Neither side has the best interest of the nation at heart.

Illegal immigration represents a grave threat to the social and political health of the United States.  My argument against the left wingers in this debate is that a nation has every right to determine who is and who is not welcome to become citizens of said nation, without this ability it is argue that a nation is independent and sovereign.  It is not “cold-hearted” to oppose immigration of any kind if it is not in the best interest of the nation.  It surely can’t be said that with our stagnant economy and overburdened social programs that the U.S. “needs” any more citizens.  To the crony capitalists who argue that these immigrants do the jobs that Americans won’t do I say that the law of supply and demand holds true even in the labor market.  Americans “won’t do” a job if another labor source is available to do said job, especially if that labor source is willing to do the job for a deflated wage.


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