Republican Thought Crimes on Obamacare

The new Democratic-media narrative is that the Republican Party is to blame for the failures of Obamacare.  Either by shutting down the government or by simply “hoping that it will fail” the Republican Party has sabotaged the socialist attempt at American health-care reform.

Here is one example:

I’m not sure as to what the GOP was able to do to “starve the beast” other than hold ceremonial votes on repealing Obamacare, campaign on repealing Obamacare, or offer a government funding plan that withheld money from Obamacare.  None of these things stopped Obamacare’s implementation time-line or prevented any money from going into the program.  Obamacare has failed because a. it is a program run by the federal government and b. Incompetence of those working to implement the program.

This “blame the GOP” strategy is not entirely unexpected as it has been part of the Obama administration public relations arsenal since day one.  The Obama administration and the Democratic Party employs a messaging strategy that appeals to the lowest common denominator in the American citizenry.  This is why the 2012 election became on referendum on a cartoon character.

The unhinged-from-reality message from Democrats since the failures of Obamacare has moved from “there are simply too many people trying to sign up” to “these Republicans wanted it to fail so it did.”